Light show (Originally 11-Aug-2014)


Taken at Coney Island, NYC

I’ve never done photography at night until I met Laura. It’s interesting to take photos with someone who actually knows what they’re doing and gets just as excited as I do with a photo. We were at Coney Island when I captured this lovely light show, it’s a prolonged exposure in order to see what truly everything is when slowed down.

I had just received my remote shutter control, this allows me to keep the shutter open for longer periods of time. This particular photo reminds me of the energy that is always around us. My most favorite photo of that night, this ride completely vanished and became a stream of light. I daydream about how it would be to slow down enough and see nothing but pulsating light, filled with all types of emotions and feelings. I could see ripples in the energy if i tried to touch them and different patterns that erupt from the contact from my own energy. I could imagine when time is slowed down enough that the darkness wouldn’t be dark anymore, everything would light up from an invisible sun, no space would have shadows. The warm fuzzy feelings of calmness fill my body with the thought weightlessness.

I seldom ask myself whether people love or like me at all. Only when things slow down will this marvel of light reveal itself. I sit and wait on my own marvels. The feeling when I don’t have to block off my own heart and feel unloved but to open my heart and receive the love that is always there. Like the light in the photo, it simply is.

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I'm a photographer and a writer, so I make photo blogs.. What can I say, I like putting things together and seeing what happens :) All photos at the top of each blog have been photographed personally by me, Kevin Thelwell.

One thought on “Light show (Originally 11-Aug-2014)”

  1. Oh gosh, I can’t wait for Coney to be open again. Light is the most fascinating aspect of night photography, which is why I love photographing their rides at slow shutter the most!


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