The Healing Pond


Photo taken in Southampton

Laying on my back on the sofa, I allow the muscles in my hips, shoulders and thighs to melt into the surface of the cushions; my legs sway a little as they naturally stop in their place. The tension behind my eyes are released, the feeling of peace reverberates to the centre of my body. Rising and falling, the air in my chest flows instinctively— slowly inhale, slowly exhale. My fingers slide apart into the sofa, the palms of my hands become soft as of a lovers graze. A gentle breeze, from no where, runs up my arm as the conjoined quiver slides down my spine; a large exhale.

As I sink deeper into myself, I begin to visualise a small pond surrounded by firm palm trees; the lines in their trunks are profound and distinct. The water is forming soft ripples, gliding along the surface, as if being combed by the wind. I walk slowly towards the pond and look down into it; blue light emanating from the bottom. My curiosity takes control as I try to get a clearer look at what’s there— diving into the water. Bubbles of all sizes form around my body, a bleak grey steam dissolves off my skin into the water, I’m rotating my arms to propel me into the depths of the pond.

Plunging through the mist, the blue light becomes more refine, revealing a cluster of very large clear quartz crystals— covering the entire floor of the pond, their pointed tips facing up towards me. I float in suspension, bewildered by the amount of crystals before me. The energy they emit sends tingles throughout my body. The vibration leaving me paralysed, my body starts to drift. Losing my poise, my back is pointed towards the crystals. The blue light beginning to enter the pores of my left arm, seeping into my cells, causing them to glow white. Lines of white light extend to my heart as it circulates through my body; the incandescent light encased my entire being.

Starting from my feet going up, my body becomes fragmented. Tiny balls form as they start to vibrate faster and faster and clash into each other vigorously. From where my head used to be, a crystallized head starts to form. My crystal-quartz-transparent-human-body floats in the middle of the pond, glowing yellow aura a few inches away from me, as I attempt to move my finger tips.

I breathe steadily as I move my toes and stretch my arms. I am recreated in higher vibration; my body feeling smooth and silky against the sofa. I slowly open my eyes and bring myself back to my reality, ready to share this new energy with the world.

Light Show 3 (Originally 03-Nov-2014)


Taken at Coney Island, NYC

Another interesting night with Laura at Coney Island. One of our last encounters together before I headed off to be with my wife in England. That night was the beginning of cold weather which is slowly approaching us for the seasons change. It was a nice refreshing air though, with warm clothing I felt a bit of “epic-ness” fill my body as I waited for my timer to finish while this photo was taken. Beside me, Laura inspecting her camera intensively as she watched the seconds go by on her phone to get the right exposure. Underneath us was the flowing water. It’s always nice watching the water be water. It doesn’t get told what to do or how to function majority of the time, it just is.

I watch how a lot of my fellow human beings put systems to everyday life, from work all the way down to cooking. The rules must be followed or else things will be ruined, in some cases. The stature of limits we place on ourselves at times makes me feel so uneasy at moments in my life like needing to urinate when you’re in a swimming pool, left with two choices, either get out and used the restroom or release it where you swim.

This photo exploits the breaking of boundaries in which a photo that is taken with long exposure must stay at a fixed focal length. In other words I became bored, tired of the same; place-tripod-here, set exposure here, then, lets see what happens kind of thing. Evidence has shown that over the centuries of human existence that systems have worked and how following the rules keep things in “order.” At the same time there is evidence that when rules are broken they give birth to new creations and experiences. Although I like breaking rules, it oftentimes jars people because of how systematic and comfortable we get with what we call “traditions.” I’m even understanding that rules can be broken even if you don’t know the rules.

With Nature (Originally 20-Oct-2014)

977A8659FBW copy

Taken at Central Park, NYC

This past weekend I was honored to take photos of this up and coming yoga teacher.  Her past consists of her getting a metal rod put in her back, a story that involves much more than I’m allowed to say. This photo is a symbol of oneness and diligence. There are a number of miraculous people in the world and seldom do we know them as they walk among us as regular people from day to day.

Each morning I get up early and I take a walk in a nearby park. The changing colors of the trees, with a slight gust of wind, the leaves dance in the air. When I approach a stump of a cut down tree, I sit at its center.  I close my eyes and immediately see for a moment a swirling energy pulling away from me.

As I take in a deep breath, the scent of wet grass and leaves fills my body, peace washed over me.  My body becomes as solid as the tree, the feeling of gravity is revealed to me with a pull from the base of my spine.  As with the main image above, this sense of peace radiates off of the yoga teacher as she bonds with nature.


Autumn (Originally 14-Oct-2014)


Taken at Bronx River Park, NYC

On my morning stroll, I noticed these guys on the ground. I continued walking on when I saw them at first and immediately thought, take a picture! But I walked on still and then I stopped to walk back. I love how the water sits on the leaves, it’s as if water doesn’t sit like that anywhere else but leaves. The ground gave such a wonderful background as you could tell that autumn is here and that Earth was making it’s cycle again.

I often think about life and how many things repeat over and over again. Like the seasons it seems even nature follows this mundane pattern and we, the humans, are accustomed to it’s stability. However, whenever the weather changes it causes uproar. For example, the winter of 2013-2014 in NYC was one of the roughest in years. I always wonder why the seasons consistently go in the order they do. Of course there is a scientific explanation, the Earth rotates and so on, but seeing how winter was so long at one point, I’ve rarely seen summer stretch further than where it’s “supposed” to be. Maybe I’m naïve to think that the Earth could possibly have a mind of it’s own to decide, “you know, I feel like being hot today.” I guess that would make Earth too human like.

My wife really loves this photo and she wants to make a print of it and place it on the wall in our home. She really loves lines. I love the way photos can make different people feel different things, I can imagine listening to people talk about this piece, about how bad or happy they feel because of it. Maybe one day.

Fragile (Originally 04-Nov-2014)


Taken in Long Island City, with background view of NYC

A few weekends ago I hung out with my cousin and took some amazing photos for him. It runs in the family when it comes to art, he’s a musician and producer. However, this lovely photo here has a friend of mine who didn’t feel she look great in photos. It’s a bit of a challenge for me when someone says they look bad in photos because that really pushes me to find that right angle, lighting and motivation. It took her about 45 minutes, with the encouragement from my cousin and I, to get her to feel comfortable enough for posing. We were in Long Island City and as you can see the sun was setting behind the buildings. I love this because it really brings out the essence of who she is. To me she has a gentle fragility to her that is utter brilliance.

A lot of us have this, the fragile part that wants to be loved, catered to and accepted. The true beauty in it is to actually see it. Take it in for what it is and embrace it as your own. Majority of the time in my life I’m always observing, taking in and admiring the people, places and subtleties of life. I do often daydream and it allows me to be even more creative with my photography.

I could say, for the most part, this photo brings out the essence of my own heart, as my subject has already expressed to me the strength and beauty of fragility, with her own heart.

The Man and the Flower Hill (Originally 29-Sept-2014)


Taken in Long Island City, NYC

There was once a man who spent hours everyday sitting on a hill overlooking fields of sunflowers. He lived in a small village with his wife and two children. Every morning, he would watch the sun rise over the fields and his heart was filled with joy. His wife did much of the up keeping of their house and took care of the children, she loved her husband dearly and always made sure he had enough food when he went off to the hilltop. One day, the man’s youngest daughter asked him “Poppa, why do you sit her all the time?” The man replied, “Because it makes me so happy to be with the flowers.” The man’s daughter looked out into the fields and smiled happily as she went off to play in the grass near him.

Suddenly the man’s wife fell ill and he had to take care of all the household chores and take care of the children. The man’s wife, although very sick, repeatedly apologized to him for he could not see the fields of sunflowers. The man told his wife, “I love the flowers and I love to sit on the hill, but most importantly I love you and the children.” His wife smiled heart-fully as she rested. The man’s heart still yearned to sit on the hill.

After several months of looking after everything, the man’s wife became well again, however he was afraid to leave her due to his fear she may fall ill again. The man’s wife encouraged him to go back to the hill but he refused, and the children seemed to love the man being around more. A few days later the woman came up with an idea, “Why don’t we give flowers to the people in the village?” The man’s eyes lit up with joy and he thought it was a wonderful idea.

The man went to the hill every morning to watch the sun rise over the fields and pick sunflowers to give to the people in the village. Many travelers who came into the village gave the man money for the sunflowers. Eventually the man opened a flower shop in the village and shared his happiness of the sunflowers and his family for years and years.

Soar (Originally 12-Sep-2014)

photo copy

Take on a cross bridge in Long Island City, NYC

My wife told me how much she likes lines in photos. It made me think how many of my photos don’t necessarily have lines but vary from time to time. Like many of the photos I take they have their own uniqueness to them, it’s what makes them special. This one, on the other hand, was taken in a place where I was nearly blinded by the sun. I was crossing a bridge and wanted to capture the support beams going across but I didn’t like the buildings that came into the back ground. I turned, bent, extended my arms out, closed one eye from the incredible sun, and to my surprise this came out.  Taken with my iPhone 5.

As I’m writing this blog and looking into this picture I have epic music playing in the background. This photo to me represents the everlasting hopes, dreams and aspiration that sits in the sky, waiting for us to soar to them, to reach out, to take hold of our lives and shine bright. To smile, to open your heart, and go after the things you wish for the most out of life.

This month for me so far has been a great one and I’m doing much more of what I love than I have done in a long time.  I suppose this photo also represents the current progress of my life as well, shining high and bright and ready to blind all with my talents.  Watch out world!  I’m coming for you.

Solo (Originally 29-Aug-2014)


Taken at Bronx River Park, NYC

This entire week (Aug 24th-29th) I had been getting up early and taking walks through my local park. It’s very powerful being in nature, if only for a little while. During my walk, with camera in hand I found this spot and knew I had to do something. It was later after viewing the photo I discovered that it displayed the root of my personality, one in which I’ve only recently accepted fully.

A lot of people find it difficult spending time alone with themselves. For me, I’ve been so accustom to being alone that I crave it the most, I find power from it. However, I won’t lie, it does drive me crazy, and, at times I want to be around friends or familiar people. Lately I’ve been feeling the “pain”of being alone to be triggered by not being with friends and my wife. Since being so far away from my wife the “lonely” feeling arises more as a “need” than feeling alone in general. I say “need” because being without the person you love makes it feel far more worse than simply having no one there at all.

Apart from my wife, I am rather fond of being alone and spending time with myself. Not to say I don’t like being around my friends, it’s just that being alone is very rewarding. Being alone means listening to yourself, hearing what your heart has to say and really taking in how you feel. Of course many can’t handle that because half the time the heart is telling you how bad it feels because of how life had been going (the past) or where it’s going to end up (the future). However, those times when the heart tells you those things it really wants to be comforted by you (being in the present). To simply feel the feelings that arise and not ignore or resist them. “What you resist, persists,” something I’ve learned in my late teenage years and applied in my life is various ways. Recently, I’ve become better at the resistance and being more fluid and not fixed on things being only one way.

In the end, this photo represents my alone time and my acceptance to it. If you feel alone or want to be, it will be a great time for self discovery and exponential growth for the self, self confidence, independence and mental strength. No need to be afraid of yourself!

The Heavens (Originally 26-Aug-2014)


A tunnel in Old San Quan, Puerto Rico, I put my cousin helped me produce exactly what was on my mind in that moment, 100%. It’s not often you get a photo that’ll be precisely what you’ve imagined because of certain circumstance or lighting, or, in the case natural light. The tunnel behind him represents to me the way back to “waking life” and him looking upward to the heavens as he stands in the world in between.

I’ve heard many stories about people who’ve had near death experiences and I’ve only imagined what it would look like for me. Many times I think to myself that I should learn animation and create some of the visuals I have in my mind because they, much of the time, turn into stories. However, for now capturing a glimpse of what I imagine is fulfilling to the heart, and, photos like these grant me the wish to share my vision.

Light Show 2 (Originally 22-Aug-2014)


Taken at Washington Square Park, NYC

On another night shoot with Laura, this time at Washington Square Park. Lightsabers, flowers, fireflies and large rats were in the nights festivities, although the rat part wasn’t controlled, I feel like NYC rats are getting bigger and bigger these days.

This photo was done with the dark side light saber and 1:30 minutes of exposure time. I took slow steps moving around with the light saber. Laura, along with the people walking around, watched me move gracefully as I wanted to spread the light around this area of the park. I even found myself holding the light saber like an actual samurai (since I’ve watched so many samurai and sword movies), making distinct postures. I could feel the sense of power holding this fake weapon and imagined myself as a warrior wielding his blade in a vigorous practice preparing for war. I lost myself after a few seconds and just allowed myself to be engulfed by the moment. The pattern that’s made, me think a little about Thunder Cats, similar to the TC symbol of red and black. There was something very prominent about the red, it just seemed powerful, alive and in your face. We had a blue light saber but it wasn’t as dominate and it was pretty weak (sorry about that Obi-wan).

I’m finding that these night shoots are becoming more and more interesting, and I’m starting to think I like doing more things when it comes to playing with light in this way. Stay turned for the next light journey!