The Healing Pond


Photo taken in Southampton

Laying on my back on the sofa, I allow the muscles in my hips, shoulders and thighs to melt into the surface of the cushions; my legs sway a little as they naturally stop in their place. The tension behind my eyes are released, the feeling of peace reverberates to the centre of my body. Rising and falling, the air in my chest flows instinctively— slowly inhale, slowly exhale. My fingers slide apart into the sofa, the palms of my hands become soft as of a lovers graze. A gentle breeze, from no where, runs up my arm as the conjoined quiver slides down my spine; a large exhale.

As I sink deeper into myself, I begin to visualise a small pond surrounded by firm palm trees; the lines in their trunks are profound and distinct. The water is forming soft ripples, gliding along the surface, as if being combed by the wind. I walk slowly towards the pond and look down into it; blue light emanating from the bottom. My curiosity takes control as I try to get a clearer look at what’s there— diving into the water. Bubbles of all sizes form around my body, a bleak grey steam dissolves off my skin into the water, I’m rotating my arms to propel me into the depths of the pond.

Plunging through the mist, the blue light becomes more refine, revealing a cluster of very large clear quartz crystals— covering the entire floor of the pond, their pointed tips facing up towards me. I float in suspension, bewildered by the amount of crystals before me. The energy they emit sends tingles throughout my body. The vibration leaving me paralysed, my body starts to drift. Losing my poise, my back is pointed towards the crystals. The blue light beginning to enter the pores of my left arm, seeping into my cells, causing them to glow white. Lines of white light extend to my heart as it circulates through my body; the incandescent light encased my entire being.

Starting from my feet going up, my body becomes fragmented. Tiny balls form as they start to vibrate faster and faster and clash into each other vigorously. From where my head used to be, a crystallized head starts to form. My crystal-quartz-transparent-human-body floats in the middle of the pond, glowing yellow aura a few inches away from me, as I attempt to move my finger tips.

I breathe steadily as I move my toes and stretch my arms. I am recreated in higher vibration; my body feeling smooth and silky against the sofa. I slowly open my eyes and bring myself back to my reality, ready to share this new energy with the world.

The Gaze (Originally 14-Jul-2014)


Take by a Pier next to Hudson River, NYC

This woman was long awaited in my life. It took everything I experienced to shape me in the way I am now in order to be ready for her to enter my life. This picture represents the vision I’ve had of the one who I’ve dreamt about for years. My wife here, posed for me after coming from England. We met for the first time that week and married three days in. Well, we actually met on a spiritual group on Facebook prior to this photo and had been in deep conversation and bonding for about two months before physically meeting. A fairytale I had no idea would surface because we all as people tend to think we don’t deserve these things. After both of us realizing that we do, that’s how we were joined together. Until this day I see her as the other half of my soul.

The light above her head was formed when I pulled down the highlights in photoshop. It compliments the idea and feeling above her head as to signify a angel. The golden light that encompasses her face tapers the feeling that she was sent to me from the heavens, filled with the light of joy and love to be the partner I walk with until the end of days.