Soar (Originally 12-Sep-2014)

photo copy

Take on a cross bridge in Long Island City, NYC

My wife told me how much she likes lines in photos. It made me think how many of my photos don’t necessarily have lines but vary from time to time. Like many of the photos I take they have their own uniqueness to them, it’s what makes them special. This one, on the other hand, was taken in a place where I was nearly blinded by the sun. I was crossing a bridge and wanted to capture the support beams going across but I didn’t like the buildings that came into the back ground. I turned, bent, extended my arms out, closed one eye from the incredible sun, and to my surprise this came out.  Taken with my iPhone 5.

As I’m writing this blog and looking into this picture I have epic music playing in the background. This photo to me represents the everlasting hopes, dreams and aspiration that sits in the sky, waiting for us to soar to them, to reach out, to take hold of our lives and shine bright. To smile, to open your heart, and go after the things you wish for the most out of life.

This month for me so far has been a great one and I’m doing much more of what I love than I have done in a long time.  I suppose this photo also represents the current progress of my life as well, shining high and bright and ready to blind all with my talents.  Watch out world!  I’m coming for you.