Friendship (Originally 18-Aug-2014)


Photo Taken at Brooklyn, NYC

These two beautiful people have been in my life for an extremely long time. Eddy, on the left, I’ve known since high school and we’ve been very close for some strange reason. I remember him telling me why we were friends, it was because I thought out everything before doing it. I don’t know if he was indirectly telling me that I was one of the most intelligent people in high school or what, but I went with it. Rohan, on the right, I met through Eddy when they both were attending Bard college. I became close with Rohan due to his interest in film making and his Indian (India) heritage.

I remember a few years ago when I was studying in California for film making and I visited NYC for a weekend when Rohan’s family came into town and they rented a mini van, in which I was the chauffeur.  The van was filled with so many personalities and driving from NYC to upstate, where Bard is located, was a fantastic journey and great time with our dynamic trio. Since I never attended college, it was a nice few days to sleep in a dorm room and hang out with other college people for a while. Eddy would used to say that if I ever went to college it would be with him and Rohan, and I believe that 100%.

Rohan, Eddy and I spend a lot of time together watching various televison shows and youtube videos. Our most favorite show right now is Game of Thrones, and we can’t wait for the new season to come out! Followed by Home Land and The Walking Dead… Well, maybe not so much The Walking Dead anymore since it’s becoming stale.

This photo, I feel I’ve captured the essence of these two great friends of mine. Looking at it nearly brings me to tears. All the moments in my life that I’ve had with them were always filled with laughs and smiles and this photo brings out the best in both of them and signifies the joy I have with them. Even the lighting and where they’re standing brings me back to my own childhood of where all I ever thought about was being outside and playing with friends. I love these two with all my heart and I will be so glad to grow old with them, the three of us have shared so much.