Light Show 3 (Originally 03-Nov-2014)


Taken at Coney Island, NYC

Another interesting night with Laura at Coney Island. One of our last encounters together before I headed off to be with my wife in England. That night was the beginning of cold weather which is slowly approaching us for the seasons change. It was a nice refreshing air though, with warm clothing I felt a bit of “epic-ness” fill my body as I waited for my timer to finish while this photo was taken. Beside me, Laura inspecting her camera intensively as she watched the seconds go by on her phone to get the right exposure. Underneath us was the flowing water. It’s always nice watching the water be water. It doesn’t get told what to do or how to function majority of the time, it just is.

I watch how a lot of my fellow human beings put systems to everyday life, from work all the way down to cooking. The rules must be followed or else things will be ruined, in some cases. The stature of limits we place on ourselves at times makes me feel so uneasy at moments in my life like needing to urinate when you’re in a swimming pool, left with two choices, either get out and used the restroom or release it where you swim.

This photo exploits the breaking of boundaries in which a photo that is taken with long exposure must stay at a fixed focal length. In other words I became bored, tired of the same; place-tripod-here, set exposure here, then, lets see what happens kind of thing. Evidence has shown that over the centuries of human existence that systems have worked and how following the rules keep things in “order.” At the same time there is evidence that when rules are broken they give birth to new creations and experiences. Although I like breaking rules, it oftentimes jars people because of how systematic and comfortable we get with what we call “traditions.” I’m even understanding that rules can be broken even if you don’t know the rules.

With Nature (Originally 20-Oct-2014)

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Taken at Central Park, NYC

This past weekend I was honored to take photos of this up and coming yoga teacher.  Her past consists of her getting a metal rod put in her back, a story that involves much more than I’m allowed to say. This photo is a symbol of oneness and diligence. There are a number of miraculous people in the world and seldom do we know them as they walk among us as regular people from day to day.

Each morning I get up early and I take a walk in a nearby park. The changing colors of the trees, with a slight gust of wind, the leaves dance in the air. When I approach a stump of a cut down tree, I sit at its center.  I close my eyes and immediately see for a moment a swirling energy pulling away from me.

As I take in a deep breath, the scent of wet grass and leaves fills my body, peace washed over me.  My body becomes as solid as the tree, the feeling of gravity is revealed to me with a pull from the base of my spine.  As with the main image above, this sense of peace radiates off of the yoga teacher as she bonds with nature.


Light Show 2 (Originally 22-Aug-2014)


Taken at Washington Square Park, NYC

On another night shoot with Laura, this time at Washington Square Park. Lightsabers, flowers, fireflies and large rats were in the nights festivities, although the rat part wasn’t controlled, I feel like NYC rats are getting bigger and bigger these days.

This photo was done with the dark side light saber and 1:30 minutes of exposure time. I took slow steps moving around with the light saber. Laura, along with the people walking around, watched me move gracefully as I wanted to spread the light around this area of the park. I even found myself holding the light saber like an actual samurai (since I’ve watched so many samurai and sword movies), making distinct postures. I could feel the sense of power holding this fake weapon and imagined myself as a warrior wielding his blade in a vigorous practice preparing for war. I lost myself after a few seconds and just allowed myself to be engulfed by the moment. The pattern that’s made, me think a little about Thunder Cats, similar to the TC symbol of red and black. There was something very prominent about the red, it just seemed powerful, alive and in your face. We had a blue light saber but it wasn’t as dominate and it was pretty weak (sorry about that Obi-wan).

I’m finding that these night shoots are becoming more and more interesting, and I’m starting to think I like doing more things when it comes to playing with light in this way. Stay turned for the next light journey!

Light show (Originally 11-Aug-2014)


Taken at Coney Island, NYC

I’ve never done photography at night until I met Laura. It’s interesting to take photos with someone who actually knows what they’re doing and gets just as excited as I do with a photo. We were at Coney Island when I captured this lovely light show, it’s a prolonged exposure in order to see what truly everything is when slowed down.

I had just received my remote shutter control, this allows me to keep the shutter open for longer periods of time. This particular photo reminds me of the energy that is always around us. My most favorite photo of that night, this ride completely vanished and became a stream of light. I daydream about how it would be to slow down enough and see nothing but pulsating light, filled with all types of emotions and feelings. I could see ripples in the energy if i tried to touch them and different patterns that erupt from the contact from my own energy. I could imagine when time is slowed down enough that the darkness wouldn’t be dark anymore, everything would light up from an invisible sun, no space would have shadows. The warm fuzzy feelings of calmness fill my body with the thought weightlessness.

I seldom ask myself whether people love or like me at all. Only when things slow down will this marvel of light reveal itself. I sit and wait on my own marvels. The feeling when I don’t have to block off my own heart and feel unloved but to open my heart and receive the love that is always there. Like the light in the photo, it simply is.