Expression (Originally made 06-Aug-2014)


Taken on the East side, NYC

Throughout our lives we find so many ways to express how we feel as people, smiling, laughing, playing, singing, dancing etc,. Being able to catch that expression in a photograph leaves me with an intense amount of joy. My cousin here had the feeling to do this aerial, and when she did I felt the immediate urge of capturing it. One shot.

It’s amazing the idea of expression. I have a friend who sings extremely well, but is afraid of letting the sounds out. I heard her ever so slightly once and it captured my so heart intensely, all I want to do is hear it again. That’s the unique expression speaking there, when it’s from the heart and can touch others. It’s coming from a deeper place that we are all a bit afraid of tapping into, the depths of our souls. I will continue to work harder by expressing myself through photos and I hope soon I hear the sweet melodies of expressions to come.