The Gaze (Originally 14-Jul-2014)


Take by a Pier next to Hudson River, NYC

This woman was long awaited in my life. It took everything I experienced to shape me in the way I am now in order to be ready for her to enter my life. This picture represents the vision I’ve had of the one who I’ve dreamt about for years. My wife here, posed for me after coming from England. We met for the first time that week and married three days in. Well, we actually met on a spiritual group on Facebook prior to this photo and had been in deep conversation and bonding for about two months before physically meeting. A fairytale I had no idea would surface because we all as people tend to think we don’t deserve these things. After both of us realizing that we do, that’s how we were joined together. Until this day I see her as the other half of my soul.

The light above her head was formed when I pulled down the highlights in photoshop. It compliments the idea and feeling above her head as to signify a angel. The golden light that encompasses her face tapers the feeling that she was sent to me from the heavens, filled with the light of joy and love to be the partner I walk with until the end of days.