Light Show 3 (Originally 03-Nov-2014)


Taken at Coney Island, NYC

Another interesting night with Laura at Coney Island. One of our last encounters together before I headed off to be with my wife in England. That night was the beginning of cold weather which is slowly approaching us for the seasons change. It was a nice refreshing air though, with warm clothing I felt a bit of “epic-ness” fill my body as I waited for my timer to finish while this photo was taken. Beside me, Laura inspecting her camera intensively as she watched the seconds go by on her phone to get the right exposure. Underneath us was the flowing water. It’s always nice watching the water be water. It doesn’t get told what to do or how to function majority of the time, it just is.

I watch how a lot of my fellow human beings put systems to everyday life, from work all the way down to cooking. The rules must be followed or else things will be ruined, in some cases. The stature of limits we place on ourselves at times makes me feel so uneasy at moments in my life like needing to urinate when you’re in a swimming pool, left with two choices, either get out and used the restroom or release it where you swim.

This photo exploits the breaking of boundaries in which a photo that is taken with long exposure must stay at a fixed focal length. In other words I became bored, tired of the same; place-tripod-here, set exposure here, then, lets see what happens kind of thing. Evidence has shown that over the centuries of human existence that systems have worked and how following the rules keep things in “order.” At the same time there is evidence that when rules are broken they give birth to new creations and experiences. Although I like breaking rules, it oftentimes jars people because of how systematic and comfortable we get with what we call “traditions.” I’m even understanding that rules can be broken even if you don’t know the rules.

Autumn (Originally 14-Oct-2014)


Taken at Bronx River Park, NYC

On my morning stroll, I noticed these guys on the ground. I continued walking on when I saw them at first and immediately thought, take a picture! But I walked on still and then I stopped to walk back. I love how the water sits on the leaves, it’s as if water doesn’t sit like that anywhere else but leaves. The ground gave such a wonderful background as you could tell that autumn is here and that Earth was making it’s cycle again.

I often think about life and how many things repeat over and over again. Like the seasons it seems even nature follows this mundane pattern and we, the humans, are accustomed to it’s stability. However, whenever the weather changes it causes uproar. For example, the winter of 2013-2014 in NYC was one of the roughest in years. I always wonder why the seasons consistently go in the order they do. Of course there is a scientific explanation, the Earth rotates and so on, but seeing how winter was so long at one point, I’ve rarely seen summer stretch further than where it’s “supposed” to be. Maybe I’m naïve to think that the Earth could possibly have a mind of it’s own to decide, “you know, I feel like being hot today.” I guess that would make Earth too human like.

My wife really loves this photo and she wants to make a print of it and place it on the wall in our home. She really loves lines. I love the way photos can make different people feel different things, I can imagine listening to people talk about this piece, about how bad or happy they feel because of it. Maybe one day.